Dream & Drive lingerie is a locally made lingerie label with a focus on garments made with love and care. I started Dream & Drive lingerie because I noticed when I searched for lingerie in stores, often sizes wouldn't fit or would be uncomfortable. What was missing was comfort infused with design, pieces having an alternative stylish edge while maintaining great fit and comfort. Time, thought and love goes into every piece I make to ensure unique design and a perfect fit. All shapes and sizes from XS to XXXL, additionally offering a bespoke custom order service which is made-to-measure to your specific size.

Dream & Drive lingerie is a feminine label, sheer sensuality and hints from vintage aligned with dark and light playful undertones. Following your natural contours without added bulk of excessive padding. We aim to be inclusive to all and have a body positive attitude.

Proudly ethically made in South Australia from majority of locally sourced materials.

About the Designer/Maker

I started Dream & Drive lingerie in August 2015, for sometime making lingerie was only a hobby while I was at fashion school. After I graduated from my fashion diploma I realised this was an area worth pursuing, I continued sewing and pattern making when I could while I worked as a sewing machinist at a factory. Knowing being self-taught can have its limitations I decided to study pattern making for intimates in Milan. After coming back I decided to design a small collection and so it began. I've always had a passion for lingerie and fascination with its construction and beautiful details. I find it rewarding to make lingerie for women who otherwise wouldn't have been able to find their size in a style which they love and makes them feel great. In my spare time I enjoy watching cheesy old films, listening to goth rock and spending time with beautiful friends ♥

Carly xxx